Core Technology

Developed and proven technology

Carbon utilization is up to 3x more efficient than other companies

Decades of application-specific experience

Large industrial partner helping develop deliverable

Efficient-C units for global deployment

High Temperature Gasification
Submerged Arc Furnace

Efficient-C Gen1 1-MW unit already developed, built, and operated

Gen 1 - One MW unit already developed, built, and operated

Baghouse Filter, Power Supply

Offgas, Demister and Filter

Melter pot, Electrodes, Reactor

Shredder, Melter Pot, and Reactor

 Our deployable system, based on our proprietary Gen 2 Efficient-C module, is cost-effective and configurable for end-users needing green alternatives to natural gas and hydrogen fuels.

Plan View of 1-MW Efficient-C Module


Gen 2 Efficient-C Modules from 1 to 5 Megawatt

Texas-based manufacturing partner with proven process, mechanical, engineering and design capabilities.
Transportable size enables quick deployment of Green Hydrogen or Renewable Nature Gas (RNG)production units around the world.
Flexibility of feedstock is a significant advantage.
Solves problems of waste disposal.
Competitive end user license agreement.

Project Capacity Easily Scales to
5 MW or Larger

Available products - H2, CO, RNG
With modifications - NH3, CO2
5-MW and larger units manufacture Green H2 and RNG in industrial quantities.
Planned 50 MW facility designed to align with existing GTL production platforms will produce SAF and other liquid fuels.

A Game Changer in the
Energy Sector

Our technology is 3x more efficient and much more flexible than other renewable energy processes. We have the industry experience, capacity, and capabilities to scale to industrial size.

Ultra-high temperature can process a wide range of waste stream feedstocks

High heat reduces organic materials to simple common elements (H2, CO, N)

These common elements are transformed into various hydrocarbon products using established processes

Closed-loop design minimizes losses to effectively zero and can produce electricity on site

High efficiency increases yields and reduces the cost of products